03 July 2006

Dining Journal Entry: Simply Paris

Sunday morning, and we're over fed and over wined from Saturday night, and headed into C's work for 11am. Just round the corner from us, next to Slowboat, is a newly opened Simply Paris. I think there used to be a dutch bakery or something in the same shop.

And Parisien it was. real French staff, real French food, real french menus, coffees, patrons, everything. It made me want to launch a scintillating conversation using my French skills. Until I remembered it's been 11 years, and I would suck, probably ending in a pot of coffee being dropped in my lap.

Nice homemade jams, tres stunning pastries, and French coffee (not as strong as wellington coffee), by Nescafe, which I thought was cool. It's cheap too, but the servings are kind of lite - perhaps the real reason why French women don't get fat.

Hot tip: don't order an English Breakfast tea. As the proprieter said (you'll have to imagine a suitably French accent) "Why would you want a cup of tea that tastes of bacon and egg?"
And then he'll chase you out of the restaurant.

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