11 July 2006

Further recent dining excursions

Every have those weeks where cooking dinner at home just doesn't happen? Where you're never quite sure how much is left in your bank account, but you think it's a lot so you just eat out? Where work is full on and you just don't get home until 9pm, and it's just easier to get food on the way? That was last week. A high-speed run down of places ventured and meals eaten follows:

Wednesday: McDonalds, Manners Mall. Shattered, we stumbled in hunting for quick warm reliable food. Some brutal strip lighting and a pretty dry old Big Mac later, we stumbled out again.

Thursday: Miyabi Sushi, Willis St Village Maki Sushi plate followed by Katsudon. All good, as I've come to expect over the years.

Friday: Rasa, Cuba St Great simple cheap food, though they really need some soundproofing for those friday nights where 2 big tables make a lot of noise.

Saturday: Viva, Edward St Formerly Mexican Cantina et al, but now a very nice Italian eatery with a stunnign array of wines. Adn I mean stunning. Will be headed back there for a full meal soon.

Yes. I am the restaurant slut.


Renny said...

sorry mate, do you call McDonalds "reliable food"...?

tinks said...

Absolutely - every time the same level of high-salt high-fat bright lighting. What could be more reliable than that?