14 March 2007

6 views of a hangover that never was

An unfamiliar bedroom, a rare opportunity to sleep in, a late late night, a few glasses of wine more than normal, a camera left next to the bed, and the false belief that the 4 people who monitor this blog want to see my mother in law's spare bedroom ceiling.

On a vaguely related note, I was particularly taken with Yvonne Todd's work 3 beige garments in the Govett-Brewster's recent Break:Construct show (image here but you'll have to scroll down).

And in relation to that, Peter McLeavey's gallery appears to reopen this week. Danger, Will Robinson.


beetlebum said...

The question is - Is image 6 your attempt at 3 beige garments??

tinks said...

Magic 8 ball says "Yes, for now"