21 March 2007

Collecting art: the new black

About three years ago I attended a series of seminars at City Gallery that looked at collecting contemporary art. These were pitched as an introductory lesson in two installments - collectors discussing what, why, and how they collected (main theme = see and read about as much art as you can), and local dealers discussing their involvement in the collecting process (main theme = build a relationship with your dealer). On the whole I got a bit out of both events, and have since travelled the world in search of great art, read a lot, bought a lot of art (see above), though I am still working on that great relationship with one dealer (Larry - why won't you return my calls?)

The series is revisited this and next week as part of the Prospect exhibition, with fresh new branding (STart - isn't the capitalisation in the wrong place?) a fresh new booking and paying process (through VUW's continuing education (interesting) at $30 a head for both events - last time was free) and no doubt a fresh new lineup.

Given the recent and frequent media sensationalism of the global art market, it's record prices (all at auction), and the recent high-profile launch of art+object, it will be very interesting to see whether this rounds dealer panel will include a representative of the auction industry, and whether the issue of reselling/buying on the secondary market comes up at all.

Pict: John Reynolds The New Black, 2006, ed. 13


Elizabeth Love said...

What makes 'great art'?
I would be very interested to read your thoughts.

tinks said...

For me, anything that makes me think.