15 March 2007

If you lived here, you'd be home by now

The great thing about living in an inner city apartment is that you very rarely get to see the outside fo the building. This is a good, if not completely self-centred thing, when your building happens to be terracotta orange, probably a hangover from the early 90s when it was transformed from the Government Print Warehouse to it's current apartment layout. A lot to answer for, the 90s.
As of this evening, we'll have erased one of the few remaining vestiges of the 90s on the interior - the lurid pink doors. We've gone white in a thinly veiled attempt to turn the apartment into an art gallery.
And don't worry, I'll get over the whole playing with 'photoshop to make everything look like a model' thing soon. No thanks to Oliver Barbieri.

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