18 September 2005

Darlings to Demons

I'd like to propose a new amendment to this current plethora of reality TV shows that focus on making nasty little children nice. My proposal is to take nice kids and make them evil. Darlings to demons, if you will.

We take little Frankie (6), of sound upper middle class stock. We then pump him full of sugar, and sow dastardly ideas in his malliable little mind, through repetitive exposure to some less than savoury mass-market messages.

As wee Frankie goes postal in the renovated suburban villa, the cameras focus on the parents, who by now are approaching hysteria. Do they reach for the self help books, replay taped episodes of Demons to Darlings in order to find out where hey went wrong, book him straight into state care, or become convinced he's posessed y the devil and attempt a DIY exorcism (oooh - there's another idea for a show...).

All the while a panel of experts pass comment and judgement.

Anyone got Julie Christie's email?

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