28 September 2005

Maybe Spam

Work has one of those email filters that cleverly decides what is Spam, and drops a little (Maybe Spam) in the subject line. For a while there I was getting quite a few of these, courtesy of a couple of websites I was working on.

I was initially outraged, but then grew to love receiving these random, raunchy, ramblingly titled messages every morning. I took to writing them down, with a view to one day turning them into some sort of digital art work that comments on the nature of technology, sales, greed and seduction. Or hacking into those ticker boards that the stock exchange has, and enriching the lives of those that pay attention to such things by dropping in random one liners.

Then they tightened up the security settings, and my spam supply dried up. Now all I get is stupid financial stocks and cheap Rolex watches. It's not as fun.

I'll post up some of them one day soon.

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