10 September 2005

Rediscovering books

On a roundabout sort of amble in the sun on the way to work (on a saturday, arse) I popped into capital books, and managed to spend waay too much money. This used to happen with a degree of regularity in record stores, magazine stores, clothes stores, and more recently bike stores, but i've been pretty good lately.

I spent an hour or so immersed in the design and architecture series, variably speccing the interior of some house or other dreamt up in the dopey still hours of the morning between waking and going to work, or appropriating graphic design ideas for some inevitably successful business empire I might get round to building one day.

Then detroured through the car section, trying to find out what the insanely cool old-school looking super car parked outside was (a Morgan Aero. Hot), then hit the travel section.

A quick stab of excitement about impending visit to europoe later, and I have a learn Italian kit, a very kitsch popup map of London (with heaps of galleries listed) and finally a decent street map of Wellington with which to find a house to buy.

I love credit cards.

1 comment:

Martha said...

Buy in Petone, it is very sunny and the new Ponsonby don't you know.

And a very cool 2 storey house down the road is coming on the market soon, and you could buy it cheap off the owners. It is part of the Patrick St settlement - which is the place to be in Petone.