06 September 2005

Invest in artists.

I'm going to develop a tiered art work pricing structure, so it can be traded on the commodity market as a non-emotional investment.

Works will be graded on 3 criteria: size ($ per square/cubic meter), execution (reflection of material costs) and artist stature (a national grading system will be established to grade artsts at early/mid/late career).

This will ensure that all artists are able to be paid fairly, that the value of art can be truly appreciated and fairly measured, and that the purchase of art can be better taxed, providing money for tax cuts for other sectors of the market.

This concept aligns perfectly with the Arts Policies of 3 of our smaller political parties, as outlined on FrontSeat last weekend. And I'm not even going to get started on the National Party's 5-point plan for the arts.


Rosa Benito said...

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kitty said...

Interesting idea. I wonder if the same system could be applied to cheese?