14 February 2006


Peter Peryer raises an interesting point about what constitutes and who uses the term 'Emerging Artist'.

How cool would it be to establish a set of criteria by which artists are deemed amateur, emerging, mid-career, or established. It could be administered by a new Crown Agency, the National Artist Registration Board. The whole industry will be regulated!

It could be like the university grad/post-grad structure: "Congratulations Steven. You have been included in 6 group shows, 10 solo exhibitions, your work is now held in 3 public collections, and you have sold over 40 works. I award you the status of Mid-Career Artist! You may raise your prices accordingly."

Alternately, it could adopt the Scouts merit system. You have to get your solo exhibition, group show, institutional sales, and knots and ropes badges before you can reach the next level. The dancing around the flagpole and eating burnt damper around a campfire could be optional.

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