09 February 2006

Lost at sea

Isn't the sory of Norm Hewitt's brother amazing. I suspect it's going to take some beating in terms of feel-good story of 2006 - it had all the elements - heroism, endurance, anguish, and a dose of celebrity. I wonder if there'll be a surge in people joining the Navy now, keen to get the mental and physical ability to cope in such situations.

Also lost at sea seems to be Lost. I followed the last series, but it is just too hard to follow, so maybe it's me that is lost, and not the series. Either way, yay for C4 docos on Nirvana instead.

And a further lost goes to Big Wednesday, which I will openly admit I did not win, so in a sense actually lost. This is a shame, as I was going to give sizable donations to a whole bunch of public art galleries. So really, art is the loser on the day.

The total Big Wednesday prize has gone back to 2 million, plust the Range Rover and the Porsche. It would be nice to see a more interesting (or at least changing) selection of cars. Or a Hotere.

1 comment:

Martha said...

I wonder how many years it will be until someone wins it at all.