21 February 2006

A weekend of Lawn

What a well weathered weekend that was. And what way to celebrate the ebbing of summer than celebrating the humble lawn.

Saturday's celebrations involved lolling with impunity on the lawn at the beach, absorbing the sunshine and thinking of work.

Sunday's celebrations involved drinking good wine, good coffee, and excellent company with impunity on the lawn of one Ms Harland et al. And a particularly lovely lawn it was too.

I think I might turn this into an annual festival, once I get a house with an actual lawn of my very own. Maybe it'll even be in Pet One. The Lawn Festival (festival of Grass?) will start small, but grow and grow until it eventually rivals the Festival of the Arts, and I can make a triumphant exit amid much media fanfare and accolades from people who I've air kissed at previous Lawn Festivals.

I wonder if CNZ will give me any seed capital?

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