02 February 2006

Parade day!

She's not a bad wee town we have here - sure it gets a little breezy on occasion, and there's always the risk we're about to plunge off the narrow hillside terrace into the harbour at the mere hint of an earthquake, but it's nicely compact, dynamic, ever so cultured, and depending on the side of the street you're on, often stunningly picturesque.

And so to the point: I took a roundabout route to work this morning, mainly so I could get a nicer view of the sunrise, and it was nice. And when I got to work there was a golden horse drawn carriage parked in front, gleaming in the milky early morning light. I kid you not. I'm presuming it's for the Rugby Sevens parade today, but in a workplace where people get arrested for driving tractors called Myrtle up steps, who knows.

And so to the real point: Triplets of Belleville in the Dell this evening. Stunning movie. Be there lounging on a rug with a bottle of wine. I will be, smugly relishing the whole cultural capital thing.

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