28 February 2006

Open letter to homeowners

Dear New Zealand Homeowner.

Enough with the red feature walls.

While I concede that countless home decoration reality tv shows espouse the benefits of a red feature wall to stimulate metabolism and digestion (in fact even last night on Mitre 10 Dream Home the host was heard to state "with that much red paint you'll be on the toilet all the time"), this does not make it right.

Rest assured that red feature walls are not unique, designer, contemporary, or particularly stylish. Red feature walls do not make the end wall of the lounge seem 3 metres further away. They will not make you lose the 10 pounds you have been carrying around since Christmas. And nor will a red feature wall make your open home look like a magazine house and consequently sell for an additional $20,000.

So for the sake of future homeowners, open home visitors, and architecural commentators, please choose wisely next time you're in the paint shop.

Just because the Yellow Team has a red feature wall doesn't make it right.

1 comment:

Martha said...

Dare I go so far as to say no to ANY feature walls? Worst obviously is red, but "espresso" has a lot to answer for too.

Anyway. When are you moving to Petone?