27 February 2008


The race is on to open New Zealand's first artist-specific museum, with a $9 million Hundertwasser gallery in Whangarei, lining up against New Plymouth's proposed $15m Len Lye Centre.
Interesting that both are seeking to open without an ounce of ratepayer cash, relying on central government, private and corporate investment for development and construction.
Here's hoping Whangarei manages to avoid the letter-to-the-editor bunfight that New Plymouth has gone through in an effort to get this major community asset up and (more to the point) running.
For the record my money's on Lye, literally and otherwise.
Left: Lye's Water Whirler proto
Right: Hundertwasser's Kawakawa toilet

1 comment:

bestof3 said...

I love the quote from the tourism guy:

"all that is needed now is a four to five star hotel and conference centre to accommodate our growth into an exciting regional centre."

Or am I just being a downer on a dreamer?