08 February 2008

Provincial identity

Hastings has apparently rejected an Auckland (Big Little City) branding company's proposal to adopt 'Salt of the Earth' as it's borough slogan, which raises the question of whether or not New Zealand's small cities and towns actually need a slogan. I'll be able to answer this next month, when I take over the propaganda dept of one such small city, and raise that question at board level.

Of course it would be a real shame to miss out on such gems as Foxton: the Fox Town and the obtuse yet possibly quite brilliant Dunedin: it's all right here, and who would have thought that Hamilton's slogan was City of the Future. Still.

Cue sordid mental picture of mayors and local marketing managers meeting up and calling each other by their brand positioning statements. Dances with Wolves. Evidently a lot more influential that we gave it credit for.

Pic: Unnatural looking Kiwi in Naturally wonderful Rotorua.


beetlebum said...

One of my favourites was Nelson: Live the day. The Bulls motif is uh.. incredi-bull?

I remember Levin once came up with a cracker - "Love Levin" but the stylised heart that they used was actually Microsoft clip-art and with the threat of legal action that was abandoned.

Also its a damn shame no one has picked up on my "The End is Ngaio" idea yet.

tinks said...

I always thought Levin's was "New Zealand's largest minimum security prison."

I say that with love, of course.

beetlebum said...

Yeah i also thought "Sorry we're closed" could work.