12 February 2008

The Challenge

Late last year we got a small work by Julian Dashper which consists of a series of 5 found metal rings in ascending sizes. It's wonderfully relevant to us right now for a whole for a bunch of reasons, but the most fun is the reaction it elicits from visitors. Generally there's a stunned silence, followed by "You paid how much? For that?" and the inevitable "How can you call that art/I just don't get it" accompanied, usually, with a shaking of the head. As you can imagine, it's an intensely rewarding work for precisely that reason.

In unrelated news, there are currently 10 Constable prints available on Trade Me. Just before Christmas, there were 14. (Just think: 4 lucky people received a faded Constable print under the tree on 25 Dec).
This week's OMC Challenge, if you will, is to trot out the tried and true contemporary art reactions in a generally un-contemporary art situation. For example, my Grandparents have had a Constable print (embroidered from memory) on their wall for at least 30 years now, and not once have I questioned it or asked for an explanation. Time for a trip to Taradale, I think.


Martha Craig said...

Dammit, for no good reason I now want a faded Constable print in a gold frame. I think because I'm a bit of a pervert, as in perverse, although really in every possible way.

Renata Rizzo said...

Sometimes i wish you posted also images of which work are you relating to...