08 February 2008

Board room dramas

Of the ten or so surfboards I've owned over the years, the most advanced the graphics ever got was a red stripe around the edge of the board, or in the case of a 1960s mal I have sitting in the rafters of a garage in the provinces, red and black stripes.

I'm starting to think about the next board (probably a custom 6'6" rounded square thruster) and thinking it might be a fun project to commission an artist to create a work on the board.

It would ideally require a painter, as the raw foam surface would be too soft for the application of many media, and I'm picking photography is out, though may have to discuss this with my shaper. While solar panels and video screens would be fun, I'm not sure my lack of surf fitness would overcome the weight penalty. And while there are some nice conceptual parallels to walking on water, function still reigns.

No doubt I'll post progress as it, well, progresses, but suggestions for artists warmly received.


microphen said...

well naturally mr caller i'd recommend myself.

now of course i know nothing about surfboard construction, but i think it would be possible to print an image on thin substrate and lay that on the board prior to fibreglassing or whatever they do to finish them.

but i reckon you need to inlay a dvd player. that seems to be how you pimp things out these days.

tinks said...

Nice thought - technology pending you're on the shortlist!