16 July 2008

"Art. Ask for More."

From the associated press release:
89% of Americans believe that the arts are important enough to be taught in schools, and that it fulfills an important role in a well-rounded education. And they are right; studies show far-reaching benefits of an arts education:
• The arts teach kids to be more tolerant and open.
• The arts allow kids to express themselves creatively.
• The arts promote individuality, bolster self-confidence, and improve overall academic performance.
• The arts can help troubled youth, providing an alternative to delinquent behavior and truancy while providing an improved attitude towards school.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the average kid spends more time at their locker than in arts classes. This PSA campaign was created to increase involvement in championing arts education both in and out of school. Parents and other concerned citizens are encouraged to visit www.AmericansForTheArts.org to find out how to take action on the behalf of the arts and arts education. The campaign stresses that some art is not enough and reinforces with the tagline: Art. Ask for More.



artandmylife said...

I am totally distraught that my 5 year olds school art consists of learning to colour inside the lines and being told what colour paint to use on more "creative activities" (So all the work ends up looking exactly the same!) This is the kid that goes to exhibitions then comes home and produces her versions of what's she's seen! Sheesh - ask for more is right

tinks said...

Discussing the school-based art education of their young kids, a contemporary art collector I know once suggested that you have to learn the rules before you can break them, which I kind of like, and suspect I'll cling to in the coming years.

That said, I can totally see how a kid could lose interest in the interim.