15 July 2008

This is your inheritance:

There's a whole lot of (largely self-imposed) pressure when getting your baby their first artwork.

Do you take a chance on something conceptual in the hope they get it in the future or do you play safe and get something clearly representational? Do you get something that reflects them (or rather who you suspect they might be at 4 weeks old) or a reflection of the world they've arrived into? Do you go for a name that might appreciate and might pay their way through art school, or something robust that won't get too trashed during the rigours of the average childhood?

See: Pressure!

Fortunately the guesswork has been taken out of it, thanks to Takahashi Murikami's My First Print series at the Kaikai Kiki gallery which, according to the artist, "is to be the first piece of artwork you will own in your life."

Pic: Takashi Murakami, And then, and then and then and then and then 1994


Choice Magazine said...

Late congrats on the new bebe, and congrats to said child on their first artwork! Wellington misses you too Tinks!

Renata Rizzo said...

I am still deciding and 4 years have gone...

tinks said...

Thank you Ms Choice Magazine. I have some content for issue 2 btw...

And Ms Light: 4 years? That long?

Choice Magazine said...

yay! after the film fest madness is over I will be in touch