25 July 2008

Nothing so terrifying as a blank piece of paper

National Party Arts Spokesperson Chris Finlayson to Josie McNaught on Frontseat, early 2007:

JM: So where are your ideas Mr Finlayson, because National's current arts policy is a quick read. It's not a lot.

CF: I think it's fair to say the 2005 policy for the National Party was good in so far as it conveyed a message that we weren't going to be slashers and burners. But ah, you're right, it was…

JM: Short on specifics – one page.

CF: …Short on specifics. I think my best advice to you is put that away and look towards 2008 and you'll see ah, a substantial document.

National Party Arts Policy 2008: 1 page.
(And don't let the bit on the website that says Policy Summary fool you - this is it. I checked.)


Christopher Taylor said...

Terrifying.......why? On the contrary, how refreshing. Would you rather have another vast paper of complicated in-speak that projects the authority of a bureaucracy?

tinks said...

Given Chris's previous experience with the arts, his role in getting New Zealand to Venice, and his claims it would be a "substantial document" I was expecting more, to be honest.

And when the government's support of the arts is responsible for the livlihoods of a whole bunch of people you know and care about, it's kind a nice to see a little bit of detail.