24 July 2008

Hand Requirement Labeling Standard Sought

One Moment Caller will today petition the food Safety Authority and countless other government bodies seeking to introduce a mandatory Hand Requirement Labeling Standard for all food items.

The proposed standard, which will apply to all foods, will indicate how many hands are required to open, prepare and consume that food.

The call comes in response to the often precarious balancing act that simple food preparation becomes in a childrearing situation.

"At 4 in the morning, when you have a screaming baby in one hand, it can be really really hard to make even simple food," a spokesman for One Moment Caller said.

"Humble favourites like 2-minute noodles, scrambled eggs on toast, or even buttered toast, can become a logistical challenge when you're carrying your growing, wriggling, and often screaming offspring at the same time."

"It's about the children. Nobody thinks of the children."

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