07 July 2008

Life imitating a really slow news day

This is awesome: Telecom are being criticized for an advertisement that isn't real.
The story 'broke' as it were on Spare Room last week, who stated that "Corporates just don’t get the web. They just can’t recreate that amateur viral charm with a big ad budget."

Aside from the fact that 'amateur viral charm' was monopolized by corporate chequebooks (think LonelyGirl, 42 Below's mock-offensive virals, Panasonic's pocket series) a long time ago, aren't we being a bit too precious over what is a blatently creative medium?

I must admit I quite like the ad – it tells a good story (shouldn't all ads?) and it creates an office culture that I aspire to work in (again – shouldn't all ads be aspirational?).

One Moment Caller has taken this investigation a step further, and can reveal the dark secrets of an advertising industry intent on misrepresenting everyday life in order to flog you products. The investigation has shockingly revealed (may contain spoilers):

- Ducks do not drive stock cars around your shiny toilet bowl.
- A man does not sit next to intersections with a Wheel of Misfortune that dictates whether you live or die (though I think this presented a golden opportunity for Clemenger).
- The Butter family were not a real family.
- And not only recent advertising is behind this shocking cover up: the Volkswagon depicted in DDB's groundbraking 1960s print ad is in fact a car, and not a lemon, as stated.

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beetlebum said...

What I can't stand is Samways' whole intelligentsia bollocks - as though she is some sort of protector of the internet. She's gonna be shocked to find out that those talking soft toys (that have since been binned) weren't actually real.